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Work confidently and collaborate effectively with easy-to-use software purpose-built to connect project teams.

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What our customers are saying:

"When you have everybody on the same interface, you can seamlessly and efficiently communicate across all platforms. Autodesk Build is going to save time by eliminating redundancies and having one platform that I need to open to convey information across the entire team."

Amy Kozlowski

Project Manager at Herrero Builders

Why choose Autodesk Build?


Single source of truth

Your whole team, connected

Flexible and customizable

Get the construction app your team will actually use. Autodesk Build is designed for both desktop and mobile, and teams can switch seamlessly between the two.

Access project data from anytime, anywhere, all in one place. With a common data environment you’ll work with confidence, knowing you’re looking at the most up-to-date information.

Connect design to construction, from the office to the field. Ensure projects stay on track and improve collaboration all with a mobile-first tool that works wherever you are.

Get the tools you really need, and not a thing more. Configure permissions, create custom fields for RFIs and issues, and customize workflows with software that scales as you grow.

See Autodesk Build in Action

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