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Mission control for the jobsite is here

Autodesk Build helps general contractors manage projects better than ever before. Centralize documents, integrate with financial systems, and get a real-time view of how your projects are pacing in the field.

Work lock-step with the field

Reduce project costs and errors by eliminating the disconnects that cause teams to work from out-of-date information.
Autodesk Build ensures that your entire team is building from the correct versions of documents, drawings, and models.
Enjoy cloud-based access from your web browser, tablet, or mobile phone.

Keep schedules on track 

Improve communication and accountability from all stakeholders by connecting RFIs across the entire project lifecycle.
Your team will have every important detail available at their fingertips, helping avoid costly incidents and rework.
With Autodesk Build, submittals and RFIs have a built-in review process that provides the flexibility to accommodate project-specific stakeholder involvement.

Keep crews aligned from design to done

Keep safety first

Keep your teams safe by providing the timely field reports needed to prevent blind spots and identify risky situations.
Use your mobile device to document safety issues in real-time—ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

Stay ahead of your budget

Reduce rework, avoid quality erosion, and stay on schedule and on budget with real-time financial data.
Surface problems before they impact the project by tracking, assigning, and managing issues from when they arise until they’re resolved.
Leverage 3D models while out in the field to uncover variances between your design and what was built.


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“By automating schedule communication, we save valuable project time and keep our team updated on the latest, while remaining in the same solution that houses other critical project information.”   

Bryan NuckollsProject ManagerBoldt 


Drill down deeper to better collaboration

Find information and resources tailored to support, inspire, and empower project teams to work as one from design to done—plus, discover how to get the most out of Autodesk Construction Cloud. 




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