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EbookPM Software

InfographicReducing Rework

"For a typical construction project that experiences 20% rework, reinvested saved hours can result in a massive $2 million savings."

Skanska Report 

Simplify communications. Use your data. Avoid rework.

How are you handling RFI’s and Submittals? Without a streamlined process, it’s an uphill battle facing rework and causing extended delays. 

This means trouble for teams, workflows, and project financial health. 

"Poor project data resulting in miscommunication is responsible for 48% of all rework in construction in the U.S., accounting for a total of $31.3 billion in rework in the U.S. alone in 2018."

FMI Construction Disconnected Report

It’s all here, ready for you.

Be efficient, consistent, and effective with the RFI and Submittal templates.

Use the Templates with your data to drive integrated project controls and clear workflows.

Gain insights from the Infographic and the Ebook.

Reducing rework can eliminate up to 20% of overall project cost.

A Guide to Construction Rework Reduction from the Construction Industry Institute

Start today. Get a template. See it in action. 

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